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What is an event program?

Any event involving more than a few people requires an event program. While a necessary tool, an event program is also a courtesy to those in attendance. Your digital event program may even be saved as a keepsake commemorating the occasion. 

Clear, concise information is the main ingredient of your program. When guests attend your event, it’s important they know exactly what is taking place, and the timeline of each activity. Our free online event program maker makes simple work of introducing the event and breaking it down by as many individual segments as necessary. Your digital event program will keep guests in the loop of what will occur and give them a comprehensive timeline of what will take place so they can plan accordingly.

When you create an event program online you get quite an advantage over traditional, printed programs. Aside from being eco-friendly and significantly less expensive, a digital event program is more engaging and interactive. Our event program maker lets you embed videos and external links that help get eyes on your sponsors and advertisers in real-time. Since your program is shared and opened on any device, your well-crafted program can be viewed during the event even when the house lights are dimmed!

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How to create a program for an event:

  1. When you use our free online event program maker, the first step is to upload it as a PDF. (Or you can upload .doc, .docx, or .ppt file types or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive).

  2. Since you decided to create an event program online, you can really step things up content-wise. Add videos, high-definition photos, and other eye-catching creatives to create a truly memorable digital event program.

  3. Embed directly on your website or hosting page for easy access. Our event program maker is ready to help you get your program in the hands of your guests with ease.

  4. If you're going to create an event program online, be sure to utilize all the tools available to make your program a part of the experience. Make things immersive by enabling the Fullscreen feature in our free online event program maker.


Events are busy, keep your program accessible.

The Embed feature of our free online program event maker lets you embed your program on your website where it can be easily accessed at any point before, during, or after the event. The entire process is as easy as 1-2-3. Use the event program maker to upload your digital program, copy and paste the embed code, and add it to your website.

embed programs on your website

Add Links

Links make navigation a breeze.

When you create an event program online, it's important to add links so guests can easily navigate the different sections of your digital event program. Adding links also has the additional benefit of connecting readers to pages related to your sponsors or advertisers. When you add links to your program you create an interactive journey for your reader.

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Fullscreen Sharing

With Fullscreen Sharing, the program is part of the experience.

This distraction-free feature makes your program a flippable book-like experience that is shareable on any device. You can vary the backgrounds and make the reading experience fun and enjoyable. This feature lets you add a mood or tone that is reflective of your event, and add branding to your program. The fullscreen feature is really the “icing on the cake” when you create an event program online.

no distractions, share your event program in fullscreen

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Event Program FAQs

  • The most basic reason why you need an event program is so attendees know what’s going on. You use a program to list all the info attendees need to know to get the most out of your event. This includes the schedule and location of all the activities, as well as tips for how to get the most out of the event. It’s also a great place to acknowledge (and link to) sponsors, partners, and anyone else who helped make the event possible.

  • When you use our free online event program maker, there are a few things you want to include in your digital event program. We recommend always including the name and address of the venue, a welcome statement, a seating chart and venue map, a program title page with the name of the event, a timeline of events (including breaks and intermissions), and a dedicated sponsor page to spotlight your supporters.

  • When you create an event program online, you have countless options. Be sure to include photos and videos to complete the experience. Be as succinct as possible and try not to overwhelm the pages in text. The most important information should be in bold so it can be seen clearly and at a glance in low-light situations. Always try to design your digital event program with your guests' wants and needs in mind while still communicating your story effectively.

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