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Revisit the magic of your scholastic journey, from homecoming to graduation, with our one-click yearbook creator. Our digital yearbooks offer an immersive and interactive experience that will transport you back in time and, with just a few clicks, you can relive your fondest memories and showcase them in a stunning visual display.

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What is a digital yearbook?

A virtual yearbook contains all of your greatest scholastic achievements and memories in one convenient place to be looked back on over the years. Practically every aspect is covered with its own unique page. Just like a traditional yearbook, a digital yearbook has sections for teams, clubs, awards, events and graduations. Of course, no yearbook would be complete without class pictures and individual portraits featuring quotes, captions, and superlatives.

There's no better way to commemorate and highlight the events of the school year than with a digital yearbook. No detail is left out and no memory is forgotten. Our yearbook creator gives you everything you need to make a yearbook in a way that honors and inspires.

More schools, universities, and institutions of learning are creating a digital yearbook than ever before. The interactive assets allow you to make a yearbook incorporating videos, slideshows, and photo albums. The best part is the eco-friendly virtual yearbook is entirely online so it can be shared with anyone across all of your channels on any device. A virtual yearbook is also more cost-efficient than printing hundreds or thousands of hard copy publications.

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How to make a digital yearbook:

  1. Upload your digital yearbook as a static PDF document (Or you can upload .doc, .docx, or .ppt file types or import your files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive). With the help of the yearbook creator, you now have a beautiful digital yearbook that you can easily flip through. And there is more!

  2. Our yearbook creator brings your yearbook to life by inserting videos. It will allow you to relive all those great moments. Wondering how you’re going to distribute it and make it available to all? We’ve got you covered… cover to cover!

  3. You can publish and distribute your digital yearbook online on Issuu’s platform, so everyone can access it with a simple link. Finally, don’t forget to share those moments with your network! Your students can share their favorite moments with family and friends via their social media accounts.

  4. Use our Fullscreen feature to make a yearbook into an immersive reading experience for anyone you want to share it with. And don’t forget to embed your new digital yearbook in your website by using the Embed feature so everyone can find it. This is also a good way to keep an archive of past yearbooks for historical records.

Fullscreen Sharing

Capture every moment and create an immersive experience.

Fullscreen sharing gives you the ability to create engaging backgrounds and styles that make a yearbook seemingly pop off the screen! Make use of all the available space to really tell your story.

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Make a yearbook that captures every moment.

With our yearbook creator embedding quality video is as easy as 1-2-3. High quality video is preserved within the pages of the digital yearbook so you can relive those moments over and over again.

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Digital Sales

We make selling your yearbook easy, efficient, and instant.

The end of the school year is a special time, and we’re here to make selling your virtual yearbook simple! Eliminating “FOMO” is a breeze. With digital sales the whole process of selling your yearbook is easy. When the yearbook is ready, just send out the link and anyone who wants one can get one.

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Yearbook FAQs

  • We recommend staying consistent with colors, fonts, and styles. Other than that, let your imagination roam free! The yearbook creator lets you organize your digital yearbook into as many sections as you want to. Be creative with themes for different clubs, teams, and activities to highlight the unique personality of each of them.

  • A yearbook should contain everything worthwhile that commemorates the school year. Class photos, individual student and faculty photos, captions, sports and club pages, etc. are just a few examples. All aspects of the scholastic experience should be incorporated when you make a yearbook.

  • A digital yearbook is superior to print yearbooks across every way. They are shareable, fully customizable, eco-friendly, and economical. The experience of a digital yearbook is far more engaging and immersive. A virtual yearbook contains everything a traditional yearbook does, with some exciting extras. Our yearbook creator allows you to make a yearbook with creative videos and links. You can enhance the images and text with video of graduation day, big sports wins, and other important moments from the school. You can also keep updating a digital yearbook. This awesome feature lets you make the yearbook more than a static catalog of memories. With updates, your digital yearbook can be a hub for the graduating class as they go out into the world!


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