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Showcase your best work in a highly shareable format.

Built for creative professionals, Issuu gives you the tools you need to curate and share your work on a global stage. Transform an art portfolio, pitch deck, presentation, blueprint review, mood board, and more into a page-turning digital publication and impactful content for promotion across channels. Let your creative work go further, generating a library of marketing assets to share with a simple link – all while retaining your pixel-perfect aesthetic.

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Create bespoke content for your audience.

Whether it’s your online architecture portfolio, latest art project, or digital design portfolio, Issuu’s all-in-one platform empowers you to digitize your work and elevate it with a range of engaging elements. The result: on-brand Flipbooks and other assets that captivate viewers and connect with your audience. Include contact Links in your portfolio, personalize presentations with logos and brand colors, immerse readers in Fullscreen on any device, and share your work everywhere your audience lives.

Bring your Canva and InDesign creations to life.

With seamless integrations to top-rated creation tools like Canva and Adobe InDesign, make Issuu the next step in your creative process by exporting your designs and bringing them to life with interactive features. Spin up an art portfolio website with no-code Embedding, generate buzz with on-brand Social Posts, allow for one-click contact with Links, tell a story with Videos, and more. Automate your creation-to-distribution workflow with Issuu.

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Collaborate across teams and time zones.

Collaborate with editors, content teams, marketers, and sales using Issuu for Teams. This feature helps distributed and cross-functional teams streamline their digital content publishing and approval processes by unlocking access, management, and control over content libraries for a group of users. Accelerate your productivity and own your digital distribution while staying on-brand all the time.

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Embed content everywhere your audience lives.

Put your publication in front of your audience with no-code embedding. Whether you’re a team of one or a ten-person powerhouse, flipbooks are customizable, engaging, shareable, and easy to embed. From sharing a digital architecture portfolio to highlighting art exhibits, simply copy the pre-generated code and paste it into your website builder of choice, CMS, or blog. Let our platform take care of the technical nitty-gritty so you can focus on delivering a stellar viewing experience.

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Promote your projects across all channels in less time.

Art, architecture, and design marketing can look like a visual masterpiece on social media. Quickly repurpose your content and generate eye-catching Social Posts – from your flipbook or from scratch – that will convince viewers to hire you for their next project. Promoting your work across all channels ensures you will be top-of-mind for consumers everywhere.

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Digital Art Portfolio

Wondering how to make a portfolio for art? Whether you’re a student, an architecture firm, or a one-person design team, publishing your creations online allows anyone – from potential clients to future employers – to discover your work. Create an art, architecture, or graphic design portfolio online and enrich it with Videos and Links before Embedding it on your website.

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Presentation & Pitch Deck

Convey your expertise and enhance your credibility by assembling your ideas, plans, and proposals into a page-turning presentation. You need to convince the right people to get behind your idea; we have the tools to make it happen. Whether pitching your services, applying for grants, or selling concepts, a digital presentation or pitch deck is the ultimate key to impressing your audience and sealing the deal.

Art Catalog

Let art enthusiasts and collectors discover the stories behind eye-catching pieces and artworks by going digital with your exhibitions. Deliver an immersive experience with distraction-free Fullscreen Sharing and tease a preview with mobile-friendly Articles. Engage viewers and drive sales through Videos and Links. You can even update it in real-time, always keeping it current as pieces sell.

Mood & Design Board

Design boards are essential in communicating your vision and efficiently collaborating with clients and stakeholders at every step of the process. From design projects and color palettes to aesthetic ideas and wireframes, Issuu allows you to present visual elements in a dynamic and interactive way, giving your projects the impact they deserve. Turn your concepts into a range of highly shareable assets in seconds.

Bid Sheet

Help potential contractors or suppliers have a clear overview of your project in just a few clicks, from anywhere, at any time. Digital bid sheets can be created, shared, and updated quickly and easily, reducing the time and effort required to manage the bidding process. This speeds up the procurement process and allows for quicker decision-making, increased accessibility, and overall better record-keeping.

Blueprint Review

Share blueprint reviews quickly and easily with a simple link that’s instantly accessible on any device – even while in the field. Architects can take blueprint reviews from online architecture software to Issuu and quickly transform them into a user-friendly digital flipbook for everyone involved. Show your detailed plans in a visually engaging way to help ensure every project is carried out to the highest standards. 

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