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Digital Sales

Sell digital content commission-free.

Distribute and sell your Flipbook commission-free, from access to single issues or ongoing subscriptions. Issuu’s secure eCommerce solution works on any device, accepts major credit and debit cards in a variety of currencies, and sends the proceeds directly through Stripe. From eBooks to magazines, publish your work and skyrocket your sales with Issuu.

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Unlimited distribution, zero fees.

Issuu takes care of all your sales and payment logistics without taking a commission. You'll receive fast payment directly from your readers via Stripe, and only verified purchasers get full access to your Issuu content. Accept payments from major credit cards in a variety of currencies, including AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and USD, so you can sell your Flipbook to anyone in the world.

Simplify your eCommerce strategy.

With Issuu, you own your entire creation-to-distribution workflow. Sell single issues or create a subscription through our secure eCommerce solution that works on any device or browser. Start earning more and spending less by selling content on Issuu.

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Help your content get discovered.

Surface content to new audiences on your favorite channels. Create Social Posts to drive traffic through social media, share Articles to highlight sections within your publication, or use our GIF maker to add an eye-catching teaser of your latest upload to email newsletters. Encourage buying decisions and offer readers a sneak peek of your content by selecting which pages they can see before purchasing. It’s never been easier to publish work, share it, and grow your audience.

Use Digital Sales to: 

  • Host and sell subscription content online. 

  • Distribute and market online course materials.

  • Share and sell digital art, from custom designs to a booklet of your most popular pieces. 

  • Monetize special editions of free content like magazines, graphic novels, and more. 

  • Create members-only content to supplement free content and resources.

  • Sell gated marketing materials like eBooks, resources, workbooks, and more.

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Digital Sales FAQs

  • Issuu’s Digital Sales feature is available on Issuu Premium and Optimum plans.

  • No. Issuu never takes commissions on content sold, whether that’s individual publications or subscriptions. Enjoy selling content on Issuu completely commission-free.

  • To use Issuu’s Digital Sales feature, you must be on a Premium plan or higher and based in a country where Stripe is available.

  • To buy access to paid or subscription content, readers simply click on the content they’re interested in, select the ‘Buy’ button, then follow the steps in the browser to purchase. Once purchased, readers can start reading immediately and revisit the content they’ve bought by logging into their Issuu account and selecting ‘Purchases’ under the ‘Read’ tab in the header navigation bar.

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