Rethink your internal communications.

With Issuu, communicating with your employees can be transformed. Turn flat PDFs into Flipbooks, and say hello to engaging corporate documents that assist you in communicating clearly and effectively. With Issuu’s all-in-one publishing platform, document sharing is simple and secure, helping professionals deliver powerful messages with ease.

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Issuu publication with the feature to share document or publish as an unlisted document.

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Engage with your employees.

Flipbooks make it easy to guide your audience, serving up the perfect solution for engaging communications and training materials. Whether you’re driving an adoption strategy, onboarding a new employee, or presenting to investors, Issuu empowers you to share your message in a meaningful way.

Rather than relying on static memos, emails, and plain text documents, design a communications strategy that improves employee engagement and keeps people better connected in hybrid and remote environments. Utilize embedded Videos, Links, and Fullscreen Sharing to create digital documents with impact.

Example of an employee handbook with Issuu features such as share, video and embed.

Integrate with existing workflows.

Level up your messaging without increasing your workload. With integrations to Google Drive, Dropbox, Mailchimp, InDesign, Canva, and more, Issuu makes it easy to export and upload documents in a seamless workflow. Embed your page-turning Issuu publications directly onto an employee portal, too, with no coding required.

Access all your files and even allow selected team members to participate in the publishing process. By publishing unlisted (i.e. private) Flipbooks based on your chosen plan, you can share internal documents through a simple link. Once key stakeholders have added their approval, publish and share content in minutes.

Issuu publications with all the integrations listed on the left side, Google Drive, Dropbox, Mailchimp, InDesign and Canva.

Work better as a team.

Whether you’re a one-person team or one of several departments, Issuu makes internal document publishing simple for companies of all sizes. Through Teams, multi-user dashboards ensure consistency in your content’s design and messaging. Own your digital distribution and ensure the security of sensitive documents no matter where your teams reside.

Issuu platform with the teams package and 5 users as examples.

Measure your success.

Understand your internal communications’ performance with built-in Statistics. See who’s consuming and engaging with your content, and measure important metrics like impressions, reads, read-time, clicks, and more. This allows you to make data-driven decisions about how you communicate with key segments of your internal audience.

Issuu's Statistics feature analyzes customer publications to show impressions, reads, read-time, clicks, and more.

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