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Join our upcoming live webinars and weekly workshops

December 12, 2023 9:00 AM

Issuu Academy 1 - Getting Started (Europe)

Create interactive flipbooks with links and videos. Share and embed the content and get inspired by various of “Best of” examples.
Topics: Links, Videos, Fullscreen Reader link, Embedding

December 13, 2023 9:00 AM

Issuu Academy 2 - Use Issuu like a Pro (Europe)

Best practices to share your content using GIFs, Social Posts, Articles and QR codes. We cover latest tips with inspirational “Best of” examples.
Topics: Articles, Social Posts, GIF, QR codes, Statistics

December 14, 2023 6:00 PM

Issuu’s 2023 Rewind: A Year of Content Innovation and Expansion

2023 has been a year of change and progress, with new content marketing technologies, platforms, challenges, and trends emerging seemingly every day. Before moving into 2024, it’s vital to take a step back and assess how much the digital marketing landscape has changed. Join us for the first part of our “trends” webinar series, where we recap the top content marketing and digital publishing trends of this past year, explore updates and changes to the Issuu platform, and touch on what’s to come in 2024.

Recorded webinars and tutorials

Optimize Your Profile Page

Icon depicting a weekly bulletin

Watch this short tutorial explaining how to add your profile picture, description, website address and social media accounts on your publicly available profile page on Issuu.

How to Publish

An icon with a yellow circle showing a magazine with pages flipping

Learn about all the options that enable you to publish your documents, where to add title and description, public versus Unlisted, and other publication settings.

Repurpose Your Content

Content for all devices, from desktop, to mobile.

Don't know what else to share? Create other formats such as Articles, GIFs and Social Posts and share them across all your channels!

Statistics and Sharing

laptop with stylized bar graph statistics, and settings gear wheel

Learn how to share your content as a basic or a Fullscreen Reader link, as an Article or GIF or embed it on your website. Then analyze the performance with Issuu Statistics.

Articles: Optimize Your Content for Mobile Screens

Give your audience professional and engaging Articles that are optimized for viewing on mobile screens. Learn how to build and publish Articles from your Issuu publication, how to add more images and clickable links.

How to Sell Content with Issuu Digital Sales

Learn all about Issuu’s Digital Sales feature. Explore how to sell your publications as single issues as well as a subscription. With this webinar you will also learn tips to market your content through all your digital channels to increase sales.

Learn how to market your nonprofit with Issuu.

Get inspired by other nonprofit users and hear how they create their digital content, why they chose Issuu, and what their digital content distribution efforts look like within the nonprofit space. Watch our webinar.

Estrategias efectivas para compartir contenido interactivo con Issuu (ES)

Crear publicaciones interactivas con hipervínculos, enlaces de compra y videos. Compartir en pantalla completa e insertar estos flipbooks dinámicos en tu página web o blog y Crear Articles, GIF, Social Posts y códigos QR ideales para compartir en cualquier dispositivo.

Estratégias eficazes para publicarconteúdos interativos (PT)

Nesta sessão vamos demonstrar como tornar as suas publicações interativas com a utilização de links externos, links de compras e vídeos, incorporar estes flipbooks dinâmicos no seu website ou blog e criar Articles, GIFs e Códigos QR, ideais para partilhar em qualquer dispositivo.

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