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With our digital book creator, creating digital books has never been easier! Whether you want to tell your brand's story or showcase your subject matter expertise, making digital books with Issuu is the perfect way to reach a wider audience. From PDFs to embeddable and sellable online books, digital book publishing has never been simpler. Be your own publisher with Issuu and bring your ideas to life in the form of a digital book.

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What is a digital book?

Our digital book maker is designed to give you complete creative control over what you publish. Whether you want to publish the novel you’ve always dreamed of writing, create a complete course to offer to clients, or put out a comprehensive technical manual, our digital book maker has everything you need to self publish your own book with stunning detail. When you make an online book you are in the driver’s seat from start to finish.

A digital book is not only convenient, it's interactive and engaging! With our digital book creator, you provide a resource that goes everywhere the reader goes. As long as they have their phone in their pocket they have your book! 

But that’s not all, you can embed videos, images, and links directly into the pages of your story. The interactive features keep your audience engaged and flipping. You are able to formulate your story from scratch or simply create a digital book from PDF files you have accrued, the process is entirely up to you.

Our digital book maker is all you need to tell your story. Once you have published your digital book you can make it available for purchase or use it as a lead magnet for your business. It can easily be embedded on your website and shared via your social media channels. A digital book is a barrier-free entry to the world of authorship.

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How to Make a Digital Book:

  1. Upload any file type of your book to Issuu’s digital book maker.

  2. Add links or videos to create a dynamic reading experience. It’s a brilliant way to connect with your audience and have them engage with your work.

  3. Use our Embed feature to put your digital book right on your website - no coding skills required. 

  4. Use our Articles feature and pull stories from anywhere in your digital book and easily turn them into mobile-optimized Articles.

  5. Sell your digital book as individual publications or through a subscription with our Digital Sales feature - no commission collected.

Digital Sales

Sell your digital book online. 

You can sell your book through Issuu! Setup is easy. You can be selling in as little as 15 minutes. A digital book is an exciting asset for a passive income stream. This is why so many authors have chosen to go the digital book route because of how streamlined the process of creating and selling is.

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Readership insights at your fingertips. 

Track the performance of your digital book with Issuu Statistics. You can see how often it’s downloaded and how many impressions it generates. You can learn a lot about your readers with data on average read time and clicks on links within the digital book.

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Add your digital book directly to your site.

Use our Embed feature to add your book directly to your website. With a few clicks, you can add your digital book to your homepage, within a blog post or anywhere on your website. Embed settings let you pick a theme and display size that matches your branding.

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Digital Book: Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you make an online book, you are doing everything an author does minus the headaches of finding a publisher. Online books read like a hard copy book except they contain added features such as links and videos and are read on handheld devices or computers. With our digital book maker you go from “idea person” to author in a flash. Issuu’s flipping feature brings the feel of a real book to the digital reading experience with pages you can flip.

  • You can sell your digital book on Issuu. Our digital book creator makes the process simple from drafting to selling your finished work. Sign up for a premium account to take advantage of our digital sales feature with 0% commission fees.

  • Digital books are better because they’re more portable and convenient. Unlike a printed book, it’s always on hand on any of your devices. You can carry thousands of digital books in your pocket! They’re more convenient to make as well. The process of publishing is a breeze since your work is self-published. When you make an online book you can incorporate interactive elements to engage the reader and it's as easy as uploading the story to our digital book maker. You can even create a digital book from a PDF!

  • The greatest thing about digital books is that they can be read anywhere! Any handheld device like a phone, e-reader, laptop, or desktop. This is why so many are choosing to make an online book over traditional and expensive print.


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