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Share your expertise with the world through dynamic digital marketing assets. Turn your online travel brochure, city guide, itinerary, and more into a shoppable and interactive experience with Issuu’s all-in-one solution that transforms a single document into compelling travel content marketing formats. Highlight amenities in greater detail and increase bookings with content that’s sure to attract, compel, and retain customers.

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Attract travelers to dreamy locations with flippable publications.

Create a doorway to new experiences by converting your tourism marketing documents into a library of digital content on Issuu. Virtually transport readers to amazing destinations with powerful interactivity and engaging features like embedded Videos, Links, Fullscreen Sharing, QR codes, and more. Make a flipbook, share it as an Article, generate a GIF, promote it with Social Posts, and measure the impact as you go with built-in Statistics – in minutes.

Promote sustainability and save money in the process.

Whether it’s a cruise itinerary, sales brochure, tour guide, or something else, taking your travel marketing digital cuts on printing and distribution costs while enabling instant updating and sharing of your travel collateral. Going green with paperless content reduces your environmental impact, provides a personalized experience, and makes your business enticing for all the right reasons.

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Market your offers with effortless sharing across all channels.

Travel and tourism marketing can be a visual masterpiece on social media. Quickly repurpose your content and generate eye-catching Social Posts – from your flipbook or from scratch – that will convince viewers to book their next escape. Promoting your offers across all channels ensures you stay top-of-mind for customers planning their next trip.

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Embed content everywhere your audience lives.

Put your offers in front of your audience with no-code embedding. Whether you’re a team of one or a ten-person powerhouse, Issuu publications are customizable, engaging, shareable, and easy to embed. Copy and paste the auto-generated code into your website builder or CMS of choice, letting our platform take care of the technical nitty-gritty so you can focus on captivating your customers.

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Collaborate across teams and time zones.

Issuu for Teams enables travel and tourism agencies to streamline their digital content publishing and approval processes by unlocking access, management, and control over content libraries for groups of users. Accelerate productivity and simplify content management, empowering your team to craft immersive travel experiences.

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Explore solutions for travel and tourism professionals.

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Travel Brochure

Easily digitize one of the most traditional marketing assets for hospitality professionals and tourism boards – travel brochures. Spark the appetites of prospective travelers by taking your brochure online with Issuu. By converting static PDFs into a dynamic flipbook, you can conveniently encapsulate promotions, packages, local attractions, and travel information in a highly engaging format.

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City Guide

Help visitors navigate their way around your destination and make the most of their time with a digital city guide they can access anywhere, anytime. Include the best places to eat, shop, and learn about the city's history and culture with our suite of powerful features and on-brand personalization. You can even sell your destination guides with zero commission fees using Digital Sales.

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With digital travel itineraries, you can offer vacationers up-to-date, interactive, and shareable plans for their trip. Showcase routes, schedules, events, and tasks in a downloadable format that adds fun and peace of mind to trip planning. Creating a digital itinerary with our Canva and InDesign integrations takes seconds, and fullscreen sharing and website embedding make it easy to attract and convince prospective travelers.

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Online Travel Magazine

Travel professionals like you understand the importance of captivating content and immersive visuals to attract visitors year-round. Easily publish online travel magazines that will inspire global audiences to book unforgettable trips to your perfect getaway spot. Take your existing magazine digital in seconds – and sell it commission-free – to share your best advice as a dynamic flipbook that’s accessible on any device.

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Travel Catalog

Get creative in organizing, categorizing, and displaying everything you offer with an interactive digital travel catalog. With the ability to edit in real-time, you can constantly update offerings and edit pricing, so you’re never out of date. With shoppable links, readers can effortlessly book their getaway or make other purchases directly from your catalog. Take the guesswork out of publishing a digital catalog with the Issuu platform.

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If you have a quick promotion, sale, or announcement, there's no better way to market it than with an interactive digital leaflet. This single-page document inspires quick action from readers. Add links, images, videos, and more to your leaflet to increase engagement and generate buzz for your destination. Fullscreen viewing captivates your audience and makes it possible for readers to view your leaflet distraction-free on any device.

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