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Embed videos in your PDFs and watch engagement skyrocket.

Elevate your content by adding YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into your PDF to transform it into a dynamic reading experience. You can deliver a dynamic and engaging multimedia experience for your readers, which is sure to boost their engagement with your content. Turn your PDFs with videos into powerful digital flipbooks and have your audience enjoy content that truly stands out.

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What is a PDF embedded video?

Embedding videos in a PDF turns your document into a multimedia content asset. Our Videos feature makes it easy to add videos to PDFs where readers can play them directly without having to click away from your content. Embedding allows you to make video an integral part of the reading experience. 

Inserting a video into a PDF enhances your written content rather than distracting from it the way a video linked externally might. Keep viewers reading and watching your content in your publication.

Issuu user interface, how to add video to your publication.

How to add a video to a PDF

  1. Log in to Issuu and select "Publications" from the side menu.

  2. Select the published content you want to add videos to, and from the Publication Home Workspace, select “Add Links and Video” in the left navigation under “Enhance” to open the Link Editor tool.

  3. Using the Link Editor, click and drag to create a bounding box where you would like to add your video.

  4. Insert the YouTube or Vimeo video URL into the Link Editor. Make sure you select “Video” as the type of link and specify whether you’d like it to auto-play or not.

Add all the benefits of video right in your publication

When you embed a video to a PDF you’re adding all the benefits of videos directly in your flipbook. Everything you want readers to see is right there, so there’s no need to pull them away from your publication to a different platform. All they have to do is press play or, if you have selected autoplay, they don’t have to do anything to view your video. Our Video feature makes this all super easy.

Add Video and Links

Just push play, or autoplay

Autoplay plays the video file in the PDF automatically as soon as readers flip to that page. This is a helpful feature when the video complements the text directly and something would be missing without it. You can also set your video to play on demand. All they have to do is press play. This is a good option when the video is extra, providing additional info they might want to check out after they read your written content. 

Issuu user interface, with a collage of videos added to real estate content

Video puts endless marketing possibilities at your fingertips

There are so many ways to use video. Show your creative content, display dynamic ads, present your product in context, or come up with other original ways to use video that will keep your audience talking. There are just as many ways to make videos as there are to use them. You can use drone footage, interviews, or have your customers send video testimonials and other user-generated content.

Issuu user interface, different settings with videos.

Video FAQs

  • Yes, YouTube and Vimeo videos can be embedded directly into Issuu flipbooks – either on autoplay, as an overlay, or with a play button.

  • Video is one of the best ways to boost engagement and interaction. When you insert a video in a PDF, you make the whole reading experience more dynamic and exciting. Including embedded videos is a way to leverage the full potential of digital content and go beyond a boring, static PDF to create something impactful and memorable for readers.

  • The difference is huge. When you embed a video in a PDF, you put the video directly in your content where it can be played or autoplayed without having to click away. There is an image preview right on the page that catches the reader’s eye and shows them a frame from the video to preview its content. When you link to a video, all you’re doing is sending readers to an external page with video content. There are times when you might want to do this– if you don’t want to break up the text, for example, or if the video isn’t that relevant to the written content. But, generally speaking, embedding is a stronger choice for reader engagement. 

  • Videos take otherwise static content and make it come to life. Users are now accustomed to regularly consuming video - for some, even more frequently than reading. With videos you can supplement your existing content, or present it in a different way, appealing to all types of learning styles. 

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