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Create a Flipbook online in minutes.

Convert PDFs and other files into interactive digital Flipbooks and deliver an unforgettable reading experience to enjoy on any device. Issuu instantly transforms your documents into eye-catching publications with page-flipping effects, top-notch features, and sharing options. Simply upload a document to our flipbook maker, customize it, grab the link, and promote your content. Going from PDF to Flipbook is easy.

Make a Flipbook
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Attract viewers with dynamic content.

Consumers want engaging experiences online, and Flipbooks offer an ideal format for viewing diverse types of content. Issuu’s digital Flipbooks have the look and feel of a real book, complete with page-turning animations and interactive features. Your audience can easily navigate your content and interact with immersive multimedia such as photos, videos, web links, and shopping links. It’s like print, but better.

Issuu's features that can be added onto a flipbook to make it interactive.

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Design, export, publish, and distribute great content.

Issuu makes it easy to manage content with integrations to top-rated tools like Canva, InDesign, Google Drive,Dropbox, Mailchimp, and more. Design, export, upload, and publish your files in a seamless workflow, turning static documents into dynamic digital Flipbooks. When you’re ready to distribute your Issuu publications, simply share, download, or Embed them directly onto key pages of your website – no coding required. 

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Add interactive elements to impress your audience.

Flipbooks make it easy to captivate and guide your audience, serving up the perfect solution for engaging communications and content of all kinds. Whether you’re driving a big campaign, selling products through a catalog, or publishing the next bestseller, Issuu’s flipbook maker empowers you to share messages in a meaningful way.

After your Flipbook conversion is done, you can enhance it with embedded Videos and shopping or web Links. Then, create an immersive experience for your readers by sharing it in Fullscreen. Start creating digital documents with impact!

Issuu flipbooks can have embedded QR codes, links and videos to make the flipbook experience more interactive.

Promote your Flipbook across channels and measure success.

Share your Flipbooks using simple links, or by leveraging one of our other features, like Articles, GIFs, and Social Posts, all while tracking performance with built-in Statistics.

See who’s consuming and engaging with your content, and measure important metrics like impressions, reads, read-time, and clicks — by publication or even by page — so you know what to start, stop, or change. Increase engagement with your content and provide a unique and professional touch to your business or personal brand with Issuu.

The Statistics feature showing the number of reads and impressions an Issuu flipbook has.

How to Create a Flipbook

  1. Create online flipbooks in no time with Issuu’s all-in-one platform. To start, choose the file you want to convert. If you don’t already have one, you can create one in Canva or InDesign

  2. Upload your file from where it's currently stored, including your desktop, Google Drive, or Dropbox. You can also import a file directly from integrated platforms like Canva or Adobe InDesign. Learn more

  3. Your file will be converted from PDF to Flipbook upon upload. Once ready, it will be saved as a draft in your publisher workspace.

  4. Customize your Issuu Flipbook with the publication settings found in your workspace, and add interactive features like embedded videos and links.

  5. Once you’ve customized your settings and features, simply publish your content publicly or privately (unlisted). You now have an engaging, page-turning digital Flipbook that’s ready to share anywhere your audience lives.  

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Flipbooks FAQs

  • Flipbooks are digital files with the same feel and reading experience as tangible, page-flipping documents.

  • Create an online flipbook almost instantly by uploading a PDF, .doc, Google Doc, or any other supported file type to Issuu.

  • Go from PDF to Flipbook by uploading your files to Issuu. Once on the Issuu platform, your files are converted to flippable digital assets that can be enriched with links, videos, and more.

  • Yes. Issuu makes it easy to convert PDF files to flipbooks almost instantly.

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