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What is a PDF Flipbook?

A digital flipbook takes a normal, scrolling PDF and transforms it into a flippable, interactive piece of content gold. 

A PDF flipbook creator makes your content as dynamic as you are and practically expands your marketing department instantly. Your flipbook is easy to use, responsive on all devices, and chock-full of videos and interactive links. Boosted aesthetics give your brand a modern touch and digital flipbooks are super simple to share on social media or embed in your website. So, let’s get things flipping!

Breathing life into a PDF has never been easier. We make cutting the hassle out of your business our business. We are more than happy to take care of it for you. Ready to get started? Follow the steps below and give your content the attention it deserves!

PDF icon showing pages of a magazine and what these look like in a flipbook format using Issuu

How to Convert a PDF into a Flipbook:

  1. Upload your PDF to Issuu to turn it into a Flipbook.

  2. Instantly transform your document into a digital flipbook using our PDF flipbook creator. It maintains the active links from your original PDF and also enables you to elevate your flipbook with interactive links and embedded videos.

  3. Repurpose your flipbook into mobile-friendly Articles to highlight specific parts and share your content over and over again in a short format.

  4. Make your reading experience immersive with our Fullscreen Sharing feature. You can customize the background color and display of your flipbook to make it eye-catching and on-brand.


Upload straight from Adobe.

Using our InDesign plugin, you can design your PDF with Adobe InDesign and upload it directly to Issuu where you can convert your PDF to a flipbook. Doing it this way lets you integrate our PDF flipbook creator into your existing digital workflow.

upload straight from Adobe


Measure your results. 

Issuu Statistics turns your flipbook into a source of valuable data on the performance of your marketing efforts. You can use Statistics to track views (impressions), read time, clicks, and more. This information helps you understand the impact of your flipbook and your overall content marketing strategy.

measure your results

Article Stories

Give your audience a sneak peek. 

With Article Stories you can share a quick look inside your flipbook in a format that’s optimized for mobile readability. Getting readers to stop and take time to read your content can be a challenge. Article stories help them see the value of your flipbook at a glance.

share your content at a glance

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PDF to Flipbook: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Flipbooks are designed for readability and to replicate the feel of flipping through actual pages. It’s like turning your PDF into a book! 

    First, you need to upload your PDF to Issuu to convert it to a flipbook. To turn the pages of your flipbook, simply click the left and right arrows or toggle directly to the page you’re interested in.

  • Flipping is a much more natural reading experience than scrolling. It’s closer to how we read printed books and magazines, and it’s how our eyes naturally move across the page from left to right. By making your PDF more readable, you make it more likely to get read!

  • The Issuu flipbook is designed to be shared easily across all of your digital channels. A whole new world of engagement is just a click away. You can share via email, social media, and even add it directly to your website.

  • It’s as easy as a few clicks. Just upload your PDF to our PDF flipbook creator and you’re on your way. Follow the steps above in the “how to” section to add enhanced features like links and embedded videos.

  • A flipbook is a reader-friendly, interactive experience that takes an ordinary, static PDF and converts it into the extraordinary. Your PDF becomes a completely immersive, mobile optimized format, with turnable pages like a print book, and with links and videos like a blog post. Flipping pages makes the reading experience tactile and fun. Your readers will never want to scroll again. It’s flipping awesome!


Are you ready to create stunning flipbooks from your PDFs?

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